Finding your personal story in writing for film & theatre
Finding your personal story in writing for film & theatre

Finding your personal story in writing for film & theatre


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Whether you’re writing for film or theatre, your story is the foundation of any good script. Finding your personal story can be difficult because it requires digging deep into yourself and finding something that resonates with you. Learning to do this will make the rest of the process easier and more fulfilling.

Everyone has a story to tell; it’s just about figuring out what yours is!

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This course is mainly for beginners so there's really nothing required to take the course. If you've already written a short film script before, this course is also great for brushing up on your skills so you can get better at writing. Students will learn the basics of screenwriting, how to structure a short film script for maximum impact, and how to get started writing their screenplay. You'll learn the essentials of good storytelling, including creating compelling characters, endings that are satisfying to the viewer and the guidelines of proper screenplay format. You'll also learn about writing for film or theatre, and how to create your own short films such as films in the horror, action, sci-fi and comedy genres.


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