The Application of Modern Design in Education
The Application of Modern Design in Education

The Application of Modern Design in Education


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The application of modern design in education has been a topic that is widely discussed within the past few years. The common idea among these discussions is that modern design can improve student learning by engaging students with technology, promoting creativity and critical thinking, changing the physical environment to facilitate collaborative working spaces, encouraging personalized learning environments for each student, etc.

While it is clear that there are many benefits to applying modern design within an educational setting, what does this mean? What specifically should be done? How would this look like in practice? These are some questions we will address throughout this course.

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In this course, you will participate in an exploration of modern design in education. We will be looking at the history and theories behind the contemporary learning environment, we will explore how these apply to our own educational setting, and we will be doing some design projects of our own. While this is a course about theory and practice, it is important to note that theory on its own is not enough. The theory has to be experienced in order for us to truly understand it. This is why we will also be doing some projects that will allow us to put the theory into practice and hopefully give you a glimpse of how modern design can really affect learning. For this course, you will be working with three different groups of students. Each group is tasked to design an educational space that can be used at a university campus. You will be working with a designer and a client from that campus. Your task is to come up with a design solution that can be applied to their campus. The design should address the educational goals of that campus, it should take into consideration the needs of the students, faculty, and staff, but also the community surrounding it.


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